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2020 Hillman Prize Winners

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The Sidney Hillman Foundation honors excellence in journalism in service of the common good.

Our awards and programs honor the legacy and vision of union pioneer and New Deal architect Sidney Hillman.

Hillman Prizes

United States

2020 Hillman Prize winners

Call for Entries will open November 17. Deadline Jan 30.

About the Hillman Prizes


2020 Canadian Hillman Prize winners

Call for Entries will open November 10. Deadline Jan 15.

About the Hillman Prizes

New & Notable

The Call for Entries for the Canadian Hillman Prize will open November 10, and the U.S Hillman Prizes, November 17. 

Hillman announces new grants for reporting on the U.S workplace. More here.

Hillman announces launch of ‘Reporting the U.S Workpace’ at the Newmark J-school in NYC. The program is scheduled for Jan. 9-10, 2020. The program pays all expenses including transportation, hotel and food.  More info. *Please note the program is FULL.*. We plan to run the program again in 2021.

Hillman judge Katrina vanden Heuvel on the urgent necesssity of public-interest journalism in The Washington Post