December 2017 | Hillman Foundation

Clear It With Sidney

Notes on journalism for the common good, by Lindsay Beyerstein

December 2017

Sidney's Picks: Kalven's Crusade, Weinstein's Silence, and Legalized Theft

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Photo credit: Patricia Evans

The Best of the Week’s News 

Sidney's Picks: Class Warfare, Michael Flynn, and Chronic Pain

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Scott Stults, Creative Commons. 

Sidney’s Picks: The Best of the Week’s News

  • The Senate seems poised to pass a tax bill that raises taxes on working people and slashes them for corporations. 
  • Michael Flynn pleads guilty to a tell-tale single charge of lying to federal investigators…suggesting he flipped on someone more senior.
  • Chronic pain patients are becoming collateral damage in the opioid crisis. 
  • Sexual harassment is a blue collar problem, too.
  • Our friends at the Investigative Fund are looking for a senior editor to direct the Ida B. Wells fellowship program.