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Clear It With Sidney

The best of the week’s news by Lindsay Beyerstein

November 2018

Sidney's Picks: Acosta & Epstein; Moonves; and Putin

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Donkey Hotey, Creative Commons

The Best of the Week’s News: 

2019 Hillman Prizes: Call For Entries on Now!

Attention journalists, editors, and awards coordinators, the call for entries for the 2019 Hillman Prizes in Journalism is on now!

The Hillman Prizes honor investigative journalism and commentary in service of the common good. 

Prizes are awarded in the following categories:

  • Book
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine 
  • Broadcast 
  • Web
  • Opinion & Analysis 

Each prize consists of a $5000 honorarium and travel to New York City to attend the awards ceremony. 

Deadline for applications is January 30, 2019. 

Click here for full details and to enter.

Sidney's Picks: Florida, Dwarf-Tossing, and Femicide

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Reinhard Link, Creative Commons. 

Sidney’s Picks: 

Sidney's Picks: Our Crackpot Acting AG, Mass Shootings, And Scott Walker's Downfall

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Bye bye, Scott!

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The Best of the Week’s News: 

Sidney's Picks: Women in Prison; the Shadow Rulers of the VA; and Native American Women Candidates Making History

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SCCN, Creative Commons. 

The Best of the Week’s News: