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Clear It With Sidney

The best of the week’s news by Lindsay Beyerstein

September 2022

Sidney's Picks: Newsom Signs Farmworker Card-Check Bill

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U.S. Department of Agriculture, Creative Commons.

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • California governor Gavin Newsom relents, signs card-check bill for farmworkers after big push from the UFW, the California Federation of Labor, and Joe Biden. (Cal Matters)
  • As union drive picks up steam, GEICO urges workers to call the police on union canvassers. (Labor Notes)
  • Veteran Nintendo game tester says she was fired for asking about a union. (Axios)
  • Digital sleuths make a breakthrough in the search for origins of the QAnon cult. (QOrigins)

Sidney's Picks: Philly's Black Labor History; Project Veritas Defeat

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Philadelphia, Matthew Colo, Wikimedia Commons

The best of the Week’s News:

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer examines the roots of systemic racism through institutions founded in Philadelphia, including itself.  
  • Dirty tricksters of Project Veritas lose in court, jury awards $120,000 to victims. (NYT)
  • Independent labor unions flourished because big unions weren’t meeting workers’ needs for organizing. (ITT)
  • Union officials say they will request a union vote for 3000 JetBlue flight service workers. (NBC)

Sidney's Picks: U.S. Open Workers Get Paid; Clean Water Restored to Jackson

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Jeremy BrooksCreative Commons.

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • Clean water restored to Jackson, MS, but the fate of the water system remains uncertain. (MS Today)
  • U.S. Open workers finally get paid after Documented blows the whistle on wage theft. (DocumentedNY)
  • Biden averts rail strike by brokering a tentative last-minute deal, now it’s up to the rank-and-file to vote on it. (NYT, NP Bulletin, Trains)
  • Clearwater Confidential: How Scientology basically killed an affordable house project in Florida. (TB Times)
  • Over 5000 minor league baseball players voted to unionize after a lightening organizing campaign that took just 17 days. (Marketwatch) 

Sidney’s Picks: U.S. Open Workers Allege Wage Theft; Big Lie Boosters Train MI Poll Workers

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Stan WeichersCreative Commons.

Sidney’s Picks:

  • U.S. Open workers say their wages were stolen. (DocumentedNY)
  • How did Trump manage to take so many top secret documents from the White House? (LATimes)
  • MI GOP official/election conspiracist tells poll workers to be “undercover agents” and break the rules. (CNN)
  • Pregnant women in Alabama can be jailed for months to “protect” their fetuses from drugs. (

Sidney's Picks: Sectoral Bargaining for California Fast Food Workers?

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Brian WallaceCreative Commons.

The Best of the Week’s News: