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Sidney's Picks: Striking Hoppers, Missing Immigrants

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Trash bags awaiting pickup on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, where sanitation workers known as hoppers are striking for a living wage. For illustration only.  By Tony Webster, Creative Commons. 

  • The garbage workers of New Orleans continue their strike because Black lives matter. (Discourse Blog) 
  • The Trump administration had a naturalization ceremony at the RNC, but they disenfranchised up to 300,000 people by delaying their ceremonies until after the election. (WaPo)
  • Unionized professional athletes are striking to protest police brutality and teaching a lesson about the power of labor. (Nation
  • Armed right-wing extremists stormed the Idaho state legislature, pushing past police and shattering a glass door to pack the gallery. (NPR)
  • Detroit’s embattled nursing home workers delay their strike, despite the urgent needs of their membership. (Dissent)