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Clear It With Sidney

The best of the week’s news by Lindsay Beyerstein

Clear It with Sidney

Sidney's Picks: Abuse on the Line; Amazon's Alleged Threats

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Ant and Carrie Coleman, Creative Commons, non-commercial, unaltered. 

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • Customer service reps endure terrible working conditions including harassment and abuse by customers. (ProPublica)
  • Amazon illegally threatened and surveilled workers in New York City ahead of a union election, NLRB prosecutors allege. (Al Jazeera/Bloomberg, Vice, WaPo)
  • Nothing sacred: These apps reserve the right to sell your prayers. (Buzzfeed)
  • Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald drive online harassment of female journalists, according to new report. (Brookings) 

Sidney's Picks: The End of the Line for a Child-Jailing Judge

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Truthout, Creative Commons.

Best of the Week’s News:

Sidney's Picks: Kroger Workers Going Hungry; Art Institute of Chicago Votes to Unionize

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Art Institute of Chicago by Wally Gobetz, Creative Commons.

The Best of the Week’s News:

Sidney's Picks: Union-Busting Goldmine Merger & Starbucks Walkout

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Bullion Vault, Creative Commons.

Best of the Week’s News:

  • When two giant gold mines merged, miners paid the price. (High Country News, Hillman Grantee) 
  • Workers at the nation’s only unionized Starbucks walked off the job this week over Covid safety concerns. (Buffalo News) 
  • Canadian officials reach a $31.5 billion deal to compensate Indigenous kids put in foster care unnecessarily. (WaPo)
  • Comics creators at Image Comics vote to certify their historic union. (Gizmodo)
  • National Labor Relations Board rules that the New York Times illegally interfered with union organizing by tech workers. (Reuters)

Sidney's Picks: Kellogg's Deal? & NYC's first Just Cause Settlement

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Mike Mozart, Creative Commons

The Best of the Week’s News:

  • Kellogg’s workers say they’ve reached a tentative deal that could get them back to work before the end of December. (Reuters)
  • Text messages before the tornado show Amazon management as callous and disorganized. (Bloomberg) 
  • New York City’s worker protection agency announces its first “just cause” settlement for workers who were fired from a Subway franchise for being unable to work a single shift. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Investigative journalists foil anti-vaxx assassination plot in Saxony. (BBC)
  • Wayfair: How a QAnon lie about child sex trafficking and furniture ended up hurting real kids (WaPo)

Sidney's Picks: Starbucks Union Victory in Buffalo

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Illustration: Thomas Hawks, Creative Commons. 

Best of the Week’s News:

Sidney's Picks: Canada Goose Union Win & Deadly Smelter Keeps Smelting

The Best of the Week’s News:

Sidney's Picks: #MeToo at Tesla & Unionbusting at Starbucks

The Best of the Week’s News:

2022 Hillman Prize Call for Entries on Now through Jan 30

Attention journalists, editors, and awards coordinators: 

The Sidney Hillman Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2022 Hillman Prizes honoring excellence in investigative journalism and commentary. The deadline for entries is January 30, 2022. 

The Hillman Prizes celebrate investigative reporting and deep storytelling that highlights social or economic injustice and contributes to meaningful public policy change.

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Significance of journalism in service of the common good
  • Resourcefulness and courage in reporting
  • Skill in relating the story
  • Impact of the investigation

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Book (nonfiction)
  • Newspaper Reporting (print/online)
  • Magazine Reporting (print/online)
  • Broadcast Journalism (story/series/documentary at least 20 minutes in total package length)
  • Web Journalism (story, series or multimedia project that appeared online. May include text, photo, video, graphics)
  • Opinion & Analysis Journalism (commentary and analysis in any medium)


Entries must have been published/broadcast in 2021 and have been made widely available to a U.S audience. Nominated material and a cover letter can be entered here. There is no fee to enter.

Hillman Prize winners will be awarded a $5,000 honorarium and a certificate at an event to be held in-person in New York City on May 3, pandemic restrictions permitting. 

Sidney's Picks: Dead Rats, Fast Food Rebellion, and Some Justice for Flint's Kids

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Victoria Pickering, Creative Commons 2.0, 2016.

The Best of the Week’s News: