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Sidney Award Nominations

For 65 years, the Sidney Hillman Foundation has awarded, annually, the prestigious Hillman Prizes in Journalism. In 2009, the Foundation inaugurated the Sidney, a monthly award for an outstanding piece of journalism fostering social justice. We are looking for investigative work or commentary in service of the common good.  

All mediums are eligible.

Deadlines are the last day of the month in which the piece appeared/aired. For magazines, we go by the date the piece was first published–online or in print–for eligibility.

You may submit your own work or nominate someone else’s.

Whenever possible, please provide the full text of the story you are nominating, either in the body of your email or as an attachment, as well as the URL.

The Foundation will announce each month’s winner on the second Wednesday of the month. Recipients will be awarded a $500 honorarium and a certificate designed by the New Yorker cartoonist, Edward Sorel.

*Please note, as of August 2011 we changed the award date to correspond with the month during the which the award is given. Previously we dated the award based on the month during which the work was published.

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