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Hillman Prizes

2022 Hillman Prizes

Since 1950, the Sidney Hillman Foundation has honored journalists who pursue investigative reporting and deep storytelling in service of the common good. The Hillman Prizes strive to recognize discernment of a significant news story, resourcefulness and courage in reporting, skill in relating the story and the impact of the coverage.

2022 Sol Stetin Award for Labor History
DeWitt Clinton Professor Emeritus of History at Columbia University
2022 Hillman Prize for Book Journalism
Dirty Work: Essential Jobs and the Hidden Toll of Inequality in America
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
2022 Hillman Prize for Book Journalism
How the Word is Passed: A Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America
Little, Brown and Company
2022 Hillman Prize for Broadcast Journalism
Politically Charged
ABC15 Arizona
2022 Hillman Prize for Magazine Journalism
Reporting on Voting Rights
Mother Jones
2022 Hillman Prize for Newspaper Journalism
“Behind the Blue Wall”
2022 Hillman Prize for Web Jouranlism
The Secret IRS Files